​Events That We Participate In

Throughout the year, we are invited to participate in many events including Parades, Static Displays, Soldiers Welcome Home Escorts, Honor Ceremonies and MUCH MORE.

If you are planning an event and would like to have Historic Military Vehicles present, it's important for you to know that participation by our members is strictly voluntary, so it's important to understand what participation you can expect and what you can do to make your event more meaningful and enticing to our members. Please bear in mind that Historic Military Vehicles are expensive to own and operate. However, most of our club members are looking for events to attend and proudly display their vehicles.

If at all possible (but not required), we encourage event planners to consider making a monetary contribution to the Northern Illinois MVPA to help support our organization - we are an Illinois 501(c4) not for profit. Events that make monetary contributions generate greater interest from our members.

Your event will be listed on our Event Calendar and continually promoted to our members through email, newsletters and phone calls prior to the event.

Aside from monetary contribution, there are several other factors that affect participation -

Things you cannot control -

1. Weather - inclement weather effects the interest of members who have open vehicles or vehicles that have been restored.

2. Conflicts - personal, other events - we are invited to some events that the club receives a donation for which helps offset the cost of operating the club. These events will take precedent.

3. Distance - Historic Military Vehicles can average as little as 8 miles per gallon. However, as we have members who live all over Northern Illinois, there is nearly always someone nearby. 

Things you can do -

4. Any offerings of meals or beverages are greatly appreciated.

5. Site Location / Proximity to Event - Historic Military Vehicle owners like to be seen as a feature attraction vs. a secondary side show. Military Vehicles are a great attraction for young and old alike. They also provide a great visual presence and help draw attention to events. Prominent locations make the best use of these Historic Vehicles.

6. Parade lineup Location - Historic Military Vehicles represent our Armed Forces and as such should be located directly behind the color guard in a parade, or directly behind any Military Personnel or Veterans. We are honored to serve as transport for Veterans & Families, Active Military & Families, Honorees.

As your event grows near we will contact our members directly, asking for confirmation of their participation and forward that information to you for planning.

You can also check our Event Calendar to see what events we are already invited to.

​If you are interested in more information, or would like to request our participation, use our Contact Us form and you will be contacted ASAP.

Northern Illinois Chapter
​Military Vehicle Preservation Association


Wouldn't it be great to have Historic Military Vehicles at your event?