Northern Illinois Chapter
​Military Vehicle Preservation Association

Valve Spring Compression

Piston Cylinder Rings Compressor

Cylinder Compression PSI Gauge

Transmission Main Shaft To Align The Clutch Plate To The Flywheel Bearing                   Jeeps - Ford & Willys

External and Internal Snap Ring Pliers

Front Wheels Lock Nut Wrench

Set Of Drive On Ramps

Brake Tools - Spring Expansion

Brake Cylinder Bore Honing Tools - Large and Small Bores

Rear Wheel Puller                M38 & M38A1

Engine Hoist

Engine Stand

Torque Wrench

Electrical Circuit Tester

Ridge Reamer (Engine Top Of Cylinder Bore)

Ring Compressor Pliers

Assorted Air Tools

Jack Stands

Transmission Jack

​Exhaust Pipe Expander

Member Tool Loan

The Northern Illinois Chapter has comprised a Military Vehicles Tool List available to NICMVPA members only to assist in the repairing or restoration of privately owned Military Vehicles only. This list is comprised of tools that are applicable in many cases to various manufacturers, models and vintage vehicles. Tools that are unique for a specific make and model will also be noted. If you need to borrow a tool, please contact to arrange with the lender for pickup of the tool. A reasonable tool borrowing time will be determined and agreed to by the tool lender. If you have a unique Military Vehicle Tool and you wish to add the tool to the list, please contact Vic Mejias (